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The Austrian Franziska Donner - the first FIRST LADY in Korea.

The publishing company "Verlag Ritzberger" is presenting the biographical novel about the first FIRST LADY in Korea, the Austrian Franziska Donner.

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Geneva, 1933

The train to Zurich left Geneva at nine o'clock and was already in full swing. In a first class compartment sat two very well dressed women, a mother and her daughter, facing each other. Porcelain teacups decorated with the railway company's logo stood on the tables in the compartment. The two had apparently argued. The tension that was in the air was literally palpable.

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Wolfgang Ritzberger - Author, Director, Producer

Verlag Ritzberger

VERLAG RITZBERGER concentrates on stories from screenplays that have not yet been realized.

The founder and owner Wolfgang Ritzberger , author & film producer, is researching about Korea for the still largely unknown story of the Austrian Franziska Donner

Together with the author Soonae Lee-Fink he created the literary revision of the German version of the book