Kultursalon SALONiko: Ein Abend im Zeichen der österreichisch-koreanischen Verbindungen

Kultursalon Saloniko: An evening dedicated to Austrian-Korean connections

As part of the cultural salon SALONiko, a remarkable reading took place that highlighted the deep historical and cultural ties between Austria and Korea. The evening of March 5 at Café Aera in Vienna became a stage for the exchange about Franziska Donner, an Austrian who made history as South Korea's first First Lady.

The reading, presented by actress Elisabeth Nikoletta Halikiopoulos and Wolfgang Ritzberger , co-author of the book about Franziska Donner's life, featured carefully selected excerpts that took the audience into the fascinating world of this remarkable woman. The selection of texts aimed not only to shed light on Donner's individual story, but also to capture the larger historical contexts in which she worked.

An important element of the evening was the discussion that followed, which took place in the spirit of the "Vienna Salon" tradition. This gave visitors the opportunity to delve deeper into the topic. The discussion was particularly enriched by the presence of the author Soonae Lee-Fink, who not only gave insights into the creation of the book, but also shared background information on the history of Korea and her motivation to bring this history closer to Austrians in particular.

This event underlined the importance of cultural dialogue and mutual understanding. The discussion enabled a lively exchange between those present, which not only highlighted the historical links between the countries but also established current connections.

It was a wonderful evening full of inspiring conversations and we are looking forward to being able to present readings about the book "Franziska - Korea's first First Lady" to an interested audience in the future!



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