Die Österreicherin Franziska Donner Rhee - die erste FIRST LADY Koreas

The Austrian Franziska Donner Rhee - the first FIRST LADY in Korea

The publishing company Verlag Ritzberger presents: The Biography of Franziska Donner Rhee - The First First Lady of Korea.

On the momentous occasion of the 130th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and Austria, "Verlag Ritzberger" proudly introduces the first German-language book on Franziska Donner, the Austrian-born First Lady of Korea. The book's official unveiling took place at a reception hosted by the Korean Embassy in Vienna's Hotel Imperial in early October, attended by a notable assembly of Koreans residing in Austria and distinguished Austrian political figures.

Grasping a copy of the book, Mr. Yeonjean Yoon, the Chargé d'Affaires of the Korean Embassy, stated:

"Behold our first President, and beside him stands the Austrian Franziska Donner. Their story is a testament of love and serves as a splendid exemplification of the relationship between our countries."

Mr. Yoon warmly acknowledged the authors, Mag. Sonnae Lee-Fink and Wolfgang G. Ritzberger MA, who also served as the publisher of this biographical novel. He endorsed the book to all those intrigued by Korean history and the profound love story of Franziska and her husband.

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