Die englische Übersetzung von "Franziska" ist in Arbeit!

The English translation of "Franziska" is in progress!

Due to popular demand, we are currently working hard on the English translation of Soonae Lee-Fink's fascinating book "Franziska". The publication of the English version is planned for this autumn and promises to bring Franziska Donner-Rhee's impressive story closer to an international audience.

A love story that crosses borders

The story of Franziska Donner-Rhee is an extraordinary tale of love and sacrifice. Born in Austria, Franziska's love for her husband, Syngman Rhee, took her to Korea. There she experienced the political upheavals at his side and became the country's first First Lady.

Syngman Rhee and Franziska met in Geneva in the 1930s, and despite the improbability of Rhee's eventual election as President of Korea, he always believed in the freedom of his homeland. Franziska stood loyally by his side, influenced Korean society as First Lady and showed remarkable resilience and adaptability.

The bridge between two cultures

"Franziska" not only sheds light on the life of a remarkable woman, but also on the cultural connections between Korea and Austria. The book serves as a bridge between these two cultures and tells a story that goes far beyond personal boundaries.

Soonae Lee-Fink, the author, explains her motivation behind the book: "Love for my husband brought me to Austria, just as love brought Franziska Donner to Korea. It is a fateful connection between our lives and countries that inspired me to tell their story."

Exclusive insights and pre-orders

In addition to the translation, we are also working on a new cover design for the English edition. We plan to actively involve our community in this creative process and look forward to feedback on our first draft. We played around a bit with DALL-E and from the many generated images we have now selected this scribble as the first. The first of many ;)

If you are interested in the English version of "Franziska", you can sign up for pre-orders now. Your feedback will help us better assess demand and ensure that we meet the wishes of our readers.

Stay up to date

We are committed to keeping our "Franziska" community updated on all progress. Follow us on our social media channels and website for the latest updates, sneak peeks at the new cover art, and release date details.

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