Wir sind auf der Buchmesse in Leipzig!

We are at the book fair in Leipzig!

The Leipzig Book Fair is one of the biggest events in the German-language literary calendar. This year it will take place from April 27 to 30 and there is a lot to discover and experience.

We will also be there with our book "Franziska - First First Lady of Korea".

Franziska Donner-Rhee was the daughter of a sparkling water manufacturer from Inzersdorf and met and fell in love with the Korean exile politician Syngman Rhee in Geneva in the winter of 1933. Despite the almost insurmountable cultural hurdles, political interests and the enormous distance between Austria and Korea at the time, their love endured. After 36 years of Japanese occupation, Syngman Rhee became Korea's first democratically elected president and Franziska Donner-Rhee became the country's first First Lady.

The fascinating love story of Franziska Donner-Rhee and Syngman Rhee is described in detail in the book by Soonae Lee-Fink. Not only the love story itself is told, but also the cultural contacts between Austria and Korea are illuminated. The book gives us insight into the history and political developments of Korea as well as the role Franziska Donner-Rhee played as First Lady.

The Leipzig Book Fair is an important date in the calendar of all literature enthusiasts. It is a place to meet like-minded people, discover new books, and learn about current literary trends. The Leipzig Book Fair is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of literature and be inspired by new books.

And there's another great news: As part of the book fair, the code BUCHLEIPZIG is valid from today, with which you can buy the book for only 20 euros on our website! Get your copy now and experience the moving story of Franziska Donner-Rhee and Syngman Rhee. We are looking forward to your visit at the Leipzig Book Fair!
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