Südkorea: Städte, Kirschblüten & K-Pop

South Korea: Cities, Cherry Blossoms & K-Pop

South Korea is a country full of contrasts and impressive culture that I have always wanted to visit. During my first trip to Korea, I had the opportunity to visit the capital Seoul as well as the port city Busan, to marvel at the breathtaking cherry blossoms and to immerse myself in the world of K-Pop, especially the group BTS - but without attending a concert. In this blog article, I would like to share my experiences and impressions with you.

Seoul: The pulsating capital

My journey began in the vibrant capital of Seoul, where state-of-the-art skyscrapers and historic sights coexist. My personal highlights included Gyeongbokgung Palace, Namsan Tower and the bustling streets of Myeongdong.

Cherry blossoms: a touch of pink

A spring visit to South Korea is not complete without seeing the beautiful cherry blossoms. I was lucky enough to be there at peak blossom time, when parks and streets were adorned with delicate pink and white blossoms. The cherry blossoms in Yeouido Park and in the area around Lake Seokchon were particularly impressive.

Busan: The Port City

After enjoying the lively atmosphere of Seoul, I moved on to Busan, South Korea's second largest city. Busan scores with fantastic beaches and a relaxed atmosphere. I particularly liked Haeundae Beach, the lively area around Gwangalli Beach and the peaceful Haedong Yonggungsa Temple, which is located on a cliff right by the sea.

BTS and K-Pop: Fascination without a concert

As a K-pop fan, an excursion into the world of BTS, South Korea's most successful music group, was of course a must. I visited BTS-themed cafés and merchandise shops in Seoul, where I learned more about the group's success story. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend a concert, but the enthusiasm for K-Pop was nevertheless omnipresent and contagious.

My first trip to South Korea was an unforgettable experience - from the vibrant cities of Seoul and Busan to the breathtaking cherry blossoms and the fascinating world of K-Pop. This trip gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in the rich culture and history of South Korea and has left me with unforgettable memories. If you are planning a trip to South Korea, I highly recommend a visit to Seoul and Busan, marvelling at the cherry blossoms and getting an insight into the world of BTS and K-Pop - even without attending a concert.

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