Die Geschichte hinter der Geschichte: Verlagsgründer und Autorin im Interview für Dokumentarfilm

The story behind the story: publisher founder and author interviewed for documentary film

Our publishing founder Wolfgang Ritzberger and author Soonae Lee-Fink were interviewed by talented filmmaker and writer Deog Young Kim for his latest documentary about Syngman Rhee and his wife Franziska Donner. Kim has made several award-winning documentaries, including "Sunset 1989" (1995), "Farewell to the Factory" (1999) and "KIM IL SUNG's Children" (2020). He studied at Sogang University in South Korea and is well-known in the Korean film industry.

Our book "Franziska - First First Lady of Korea" tells the story of Franziska Donner, the wife of Syngman Rhee, the first president of South Korea. Although as a publishing house we do not specialize exclusively in books about the history of Korea, this interview with our publishing house founder and author demonstrates the expertise we have in South Korea's history, and in Franziska Donner's story in particular.

We are proud that our publishing house is involved in this project and that we were able to provide our expertise and knowledge. The documentary will provide an in-depth look into the history of Franziska Donner and her role as Korea's first First Lady, as well as Syngman Rhee's time as Korea's first President. We are excited to learn more about Syngman Rhee and his family.

The book "Franziska - First First Lady of Korea" is an excellent complement to the documentary film, as it provides a comprehensive and detailed account of Franziska Donner's story. It is suitable for anyone interested in history who wants to learn more about the history of Korea and especially about the role of women in Korean society.

We invite you to purchase our book "Franziska - First First Lady of Korea" on our website www.verlagritzberger.at. With this book and the documentary film, you will gain a comprehensive and in-depth knowledge of the history of Korea and the role of women in Korean society.
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