Die Bedeutung einer Begegnung: Soonae Lee-Finks inspirierende Erfahrung mit Franziska Donner

The importance of an encounter: Soonae Lee-Fink's inspiring experience with Franziska Donner

There are encounters that can shape your whole life and be such an inspiration that you never forget it.

In this video, our author Soonae Lee-Fink tells us what it was like when she first met the Austrian and First Lady of Korea, Franziska Donner. She visited her at her home in Ewhajang in Korea and was able to exchange a few words with her. For Soonae, this experience was particularly formative because, like Franziska, Soonae left her homeland for love. Soonae fell in love with an Austrian and eventually moved to Innsbruck, Franziska Donner was born in Austria and fell in love with Syngman Rhee, who later became Korea's first president and at whose side she lived as First Lady in Korea.

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